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Fun And Games In Barb City

Fun And Games In Barb City

Dekalb, also known as Barb City,  offers a wide array of choices when it comes to things to do or places to eat! There’s a little something here for everyone. The trick is knowing where to go and how to find these places!

Fun & Games A great way to break the ice with someone is through a game or puzzle. The Gaming Goat is a great place to find affordable games ranging from the classic cards to your favorite video game.  If you’re looking to meet new people who share the same love for games as you do, check out Affinity For Games. They host a casual board game day every Saturday at 1PM! If you’re homesick or missing your furry friends back home, then a trip to Tails may be just the remedy you need. Tails has a variety of different animals up for adoption. Some of these animals include: dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, birds and rats. If you aren’t looking to adopt but want to make a difference, Tails is always looking for volunteers to help them out at the shelter.  

Local Hot Spots If you’re looking to go out with a couple friends over the weekend, head over to Molly’s or Fatty’s for some snacks and drinks. One of the awesome things about Molly’s is that they offer free rides to their customers who stay out late. Fatty’s is arguably one of the most popular restaurants that NIU is known to have around. Both places have events that go on throughout the week as well; tailored towards the interests of college students. Some of these events include Trivia or Open Mic Nights.

 Another fun way to pass time is through checking out the local shops and cafes in downtown DeKalb.If you’re crazy about coffee or looking to try some tasty pastries/baked goods, visit Common Grounds or The House Cafe. Common Grounds is commonly associated with promoting awareness within the community on various social issues that they work to improve. The House Cafe is a well known  local venue that has in the past hosted both legendary musicians (such as the Grateful Dead) as well as up and coming local bands, poets, and stand up comedians.

If you’re into watching shows or listening to music check out the Egyptian Theater.  They always put up events every month and have occasionally hosted bands such as the Plain White T’s to perform live on their stage.

All Nighters  A majority of college students at some point in their college career will be able to identify all the local stores and restaurants open past midnight. This extremely valuable information comes in handy during midterms and finals week when you’re trying to catch up on your meals or finish some last minute errands. Some stores that are open past midnight include Walmart and Hy-Vee. If you’re looking to snag a coffee via drive thru, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are open 24/7. Some other restaurants that are open 24/7 include Steak n’ Shake & iHop. Pizza is a great midnight meal to invest in as well. (i.e. Vinny’s) If you don’t want to travel far, check out Burritoville and Sea Captain.

Night Out Whether you’re taking your significant other out to eat or have family coming into town, a fancy restaurant can be a plus to making that visit a special one. Some great options that you can choose from include: Ellwood Steak & Fish House, The Hillside Restaurant and Fanatico. While Fanatico is best known for its delectable Italian food, Ellwood Steak & Fish House holds a specialty meal every day of the week. The Hillside Restaurant offers an impressive variety of meals suited for any occasion.

Crowd Favorites One thing that has become blatantly clear amongst our generation is our love for tattoos. Lucky for us, places like Dekalb Tattoo Company and Proton Tattoo, make it easier for us to satisfy these desires. If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, then you know that researching the artist is a must before you get work done. This is because each artist has a style that may or may not be what you are looking for. Prices can vary depending on where you go as well.  Both tattoo parlors, have praisable talent and at great deals.



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