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Move Out Day: Your Go To Checklist

Move Out Day: Your Go To Checklist

Move Out Day is right around the corner. That means it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. While most people will focus on packing everything up – don’t let this approach fool you!  Before you buy those extra storage bins and start dropping dollars on big moving trucks, think about the small steps you can do to be more efficient and save a couple bucks along the way. Here are some things to get ready for once your lease is up.

Sell, Sell, Sell! Do you have anything salvageable that might be of interest to your fellow huskies? Looking to make a couple extra dollars and save space in that moving van? Then Facebook Marketplace is your new best friend! Let’s face it, part of the college experience is accepting that “broke college student” status.  For better or worse, most of us are in the same boat. Post your gently used furniture or household items on the Facebook Marketplace a couple

weeks before school gets out. With good advertising and a couple bumps up the newsfeed, you could be walking away with some extra change!

Pack it Up Does moving out ever make you feel like you’re scattered all over the place? Maybe you realized you brought too much stuff or found out you don’t have enough space in your trunk to fit all your bags. If you’ve ever been in those kinds of situations, it’s okay! These are normal feelings and common problems most of us face. A good rule of thumb is to gradually start moving things back and forth as the end of your lease approaches. Since most places around here have 12 month leases, there’s no sense of urgency to get everything done right away. Start by taking down your decorations. Leave the big pieces of  furniture for last, unless you plan on spending your summer at home. Figure out what things you use every day and pack those up first.

Tidy Up The more clean the better! But why clean the place if the cleaning company is going to go through it anyways? One of the reasons why this step is so important is because it makes checking out of your place faster. On the last day of your lease, you will have a walk through of your place with the landlord. If you’ve been taking care of your place, now’s your chance to show off. If you made some minor damages, try and get it taken care of before the walk through. A well kept unit quite literally pays off in the long run. The less damage – the less amount of money will be taken out of your security deposit. You might even get paid in full if you’ve been really diligent!

Return Your Keys The last thing you should be doing on Move Out Day is making sure you and your roommates have all your keys together and ready to return. Some realty companies charge you for missing keys. Also make sure you don’t forget the mail box key!

The Long Haul Renting a U-Haul is in your best interest if you’re trying to bring back that queen size mattress or long, heavy couch. A lot of NIU’s apartment leases tend to fall on or around the same days. Make sure to reserve a moving truck a couple days ahead of time and beat the curve. If you’re commuting from a far away town, make sure to budget enough time for traffic and congestion around the school. It can get pretty chaotic so make sure to bring a friend or two to help make the move easier!


  1. Sell any unwanted items on the Facebook Marketplace. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This can save you the space and hassle of packing it up!
  2. Slowly start to pack things at least a month prior to the end of your lease. Take down decorations. Pack away the knick-knacks. You won’t feel so overwhelmed if you take small proactive steps!
  3. Clean up. You don’t want the place looking dirty or damaged come move out day. That will take a hit on your security deposit!
  4. Return your keys. Avoid late fees. Make sure nothing is missing!
  5. Book a moving truck in advance. Budget for the cost. Bring back up if you’re carrying large or heavy items!


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